Picapp - Time management (IOS) (Microservice)

Picapp is an application that allows to register your time in order to increment your productivity.


Some functionalities:

  • Create projects like “Learn a language”, “Homeworks”, “Running”, …
  • Start, pause and finish working day that you will can associate to the projects.
  • Visualize the statistics of your proyects: total of working days, longer working day, shorter working day, average of your working days, …
  • You also will can configure two types of alarms: one of them alerts about the end of your working day and the other one alerts when you need a rest.

Technical description

  • The IOS application is developed with Objective-C. This application uses calls to the picapp microservice.
  • The microservice is developed with Java and Spring using MySQL as database.


Note: This application is discontinued

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