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Example of MQTT with Mosquitto

Mosquitto is a message broker that implements the MQTT protocol. MQTT is very used in IOT to share info between devices. In this post we will simulate a communication between...

Programing ESP-8266

On the web we can find differents ways to program a ESP-8266 but in this post I’ll show you what way it works for me.

Control of RST01BL Bluetooth Light Bulb with Home Assistant

This project provides to be a guide for the control of the RST01BL bluetooth light bulb and its integration with Home Assistant

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Spring upload and download files to S3 with localstack

In this post we are going to create an example of REST Controllers for upload and download files in AWS S3 using LocalStack.

Undertow metrics with Spring Actuator

This post is intended to show a possible solution to provide metrics of Undertow with Spring Actuator (Micrometer). Undertow provides its own metric collector, but we have encountered one issue...

Custom deserialization in Spring

This post try to resolve a problem where given a REST service with a already defined API, we want to add new API that uses the same service and without...

Spring Batch AWS Series (III): Remote Partitioning

In this post we are going to implement our second step using remote partitioning strategy. The goal of this step is to calculate the next probable prime given a number....

Spring Batch AWS Series (II): Remote Chunking

In this post we are going to implement the first step of our Spring Batch AWS Series using Remote Chunking. This step will send a chunk of numbers and the...

Spring Batch AWS Series (I): Introduction

This entry is the first in a series of posts about how to process different steps in Spring Batch remotely. In this project we are going to use Amazon SQS...

Reactive vs Non-Reactive Spring Performance

The goal of this article is to compare the performance between Spring MVC (Non-Reactive) and Spring WebFlux (Reactive). For this task we have taken into account three differents implementations:

Async Log4j2, memory leak?

Recently in a project that we are been working on, we found a significant increment in the boot time of a Spring Boot application. This happened when we activated asynchronous...

Spring Data Mongo using Mongo Cluster with Docker

In this post we are going to talk about how to configure a MongoDB Cluster in local using docker-compose and how to use it with Spring Data Mongo.

Circuit Breaker with Resilience4j and Spring

When a remote service is down the Circuit Breaker pattern prevents a cascade of failures. After a number of failed attempts, we can consider that the service is unavailable/overloaded and...

AsyncRestTemplate returns 404 (Site Not Found) with Apache HttpComponents

When you create an AsyncRestTemplate, Spring uses SimpleClientHttpRequestFactory by default which depends on default configuration of HttpURLConnection. This implementation doesn’t have connection pooling.

Logging Requests and Responses in Spring (including body)

Recently we have found some problems trying to log a complete Request and Response in a Spring Application. When we talk about a “complete Request and Response” we are indicating...

Logging of Requests and Responses in Spring with Undertow (no body)

In this post we’re going to configure Undertow as embedded server in our Spring Boot Application. Then we’ll trace in logs all the requests and responses of our controllers.

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Professional Scrum Master Certification (PSM I)

A few days ago I passed Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) exam in This post pretends to be a reference path to pass the exam sucessfully based on my...

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Coding on iPad

Since iOS 13 added the possibility of using keyboard and mouse, the iPad has become a good device in which to do programming. This post pretends to give some options...